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Teri Biscieglia

2014 Board of Directors


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President's Monthly Update

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The Financial report for March was posted on the HOA Information page.

Agenda for April Board Meeting Posted

The agenda for the 4/17 Monthly Board meeting has been posted at the left and on the HOA Information page.

Landscape Report

The Villages at Queen Creek Landscape Report for April 2014 was added to the Landscape Corner page.

Monthly Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from the March BOD meeting were posted on the HOA Information page.

Agenda for Budget/Finance Committee Meeting Posted

The agenda for the 3/17 Budget/Finance Committee meeting has been posted on the HOA Information page.

Community Yard Sale Planned

A Community Yard Sale is being planned for April 4 & 5.

CPR/First Aid Certification

Anyone 13 years or older who is interested in learning CPR/First Aid is invited to the Villages at Queen Creek Clubhouse on February 21st from 6-8pm. There are a limited number of spots for the FREE event. Click here for info.

Pruning Calendar

The Villages at Queen Creek Pruning Calendar was added to the Landscape Corner page.

Updates from the President

Updates from President Bill Lehman have been posted above.

2014 Budget

2014 Budget files have been posted below and on the HOA Information page under Financials.

Executive Session Board Meeting
Board Members Only

Thursday, November 7, 2013


The Villages Clubhouse

Community Garage Sale

The Community Garage Sale is scheduled Friday, November 8th and Saturday, November 9th from 7am to Noon.

Special Meeting - 10/23 - CANCELLED

The Board of Directors still has a lot of work to do for this special meeting, therefore this meeting will be rescheduled.

Executive Session Board Meeting - 9/27

Executive Session Board Meeting – Board Members Only

       Friday, September 27th  @  3:30PM

       Paradise Bakery – Queen Creek Marketplace

Fine Policy and Appeal Process

Added Fine Policy and Appeal Process with Addendum to the Governing Documents on the HOA Information page.

Local Businesses Page

Visit the Local Businesses page to see the latest additions and find details about showcasing your business on this page.

Rear Yard Block Wall Paint Colors

Rear Yard Block Wall Paint Colors for View Fence Lots was posted on the HOA Information page under Governing Documents.

Budget/Finance Committee Meeting Minutes Posted

Budget/Finance Committee Meeting minutes were posted on the HOA Information page.

Villager Spring/Summer 2013 Newsletter

The latest newsletter has been posted on the HOA Information page.


Added View Fence Screening Resolution and Boy Scout Flag Installation Resolution to the Governing Documents on the HOA Information page.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Monthly Notable Report

The February report was posted on the Around Town page.

Organizational Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the 12/20/12 Organizational meeting were posted on the HOA Information page.

Committee Meeting Dates

Revised Committee Meeting Dates were posted on the HOA Committees page.

Hard & Natural Pruning Article

Check out the Landscape Corner page for this new article.

Election Results

The 2012 Annual Meeting Election Results were posted on the HOA Information page.

New AZ Booster Seat Law

New AZ Booster Seat Law effective Aug 2nd affects children under age 8. Click here for info.

Overseed Article

Check out the Landscape Corner page for a new Overseed article.

Phoenix Metro Flight Paths April 2012

Click here to view

Project Challenge Farmers Market and Challenge Plant Rescue Mission

Visit the Around Town page for more information. The hours of the market are 8:00am to 12:00pm on Saturdays.

Resolution of Transfer Fee

Board of Directors Resolution of Transfer Fee was posted on the HOA Information page under Governing Documents.

Interested in Aquasize?

If you are interested in an Aquasize class, please contact Susan at (480) 265-9802. Possible class time: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 11:00 - 12:00. Couples welcome!


2014 Master Budget Narrative

2014 Parcel 2 Budget Narrative

2014 Master Built Out Budget

2014 Parcel 2 Built Out Budget

2014 Master Cash Flow Budget

2014 Parcel 2 Cash Flow Budget

2014 Budget


By Bill Lehman - President


Dear Valued Homeowner,


The first three months of this year have kept your Board of Directors extremely busy.


In January, we switched property management companies from AAM to Premier Community Management and with that we gained an experienced manager to oversee our day to day operations with specific emphasis on customer service, oversight of the landscaping company as well as other outside vendors.  In addition, our new manager Mitzi Carley, has established one of my long term goals which was to have a new philosophy on how residents would be treated when an issue or concern developed.  With the previous company, a homeowner often would leave a voice mail which sometimes would take a week or more to get a return call, this would be followed by requests from the manager to provide more details or requests pictures be taken and forwarded.  This often resulted in weeks or months going by without the issue being addressed.  Now, Mitzi or her assistant Cindy promptly return phone calls and then meet face to face with the resident at their home, this results in the issue or concern often being resolved in the same day as the call was received.  The direct feedback that we are receiving is that you not only welcome this new approach, but are very satisfied with the results.   


The second major change was switching to a new landscaping company, DLC Resources.  As I have stated, many times via meetings and written communication, your Board will not tolerate contracted companies or vendors who fail to perform to the agreed to terms of a contract.  The main issue we had with AAA Landscaping was not completing the agreed to six week parcel cycle, but also their plan to raise the monthly contract by more than 40% and reduce the parcel cycle, in essence more money for less service.  DLC Resources has continued to work closely with Mitzi and your Board in not only maintaining the landscape within our community, but also designed both a short term and long term proposals to make our community look pleasant and at the same time become better stewards of our water usage.  DLC Resources is also working with the Board on proposals that we will be submitting to the Town of Queen Creek for approval, which will have us look at using more lower water or no water plants and scrubs.


The tennis court project which was the last major upgrade needed in our community was completed in January and we are very pleased to see the high usage of both tennis courts since the remodel was completed.  The tennis courts surface uses the colors which have been incorporated into the clubhouse and pool area, which gives us a uniform look.  Your Board recognizes that when a realtor or broker brings potential buyers into our community the first stop is always without exception the clubhouse and associated amenities which include the pool and tennis courts.  Many have commented that this is one of the appealing features to potential home buyers which we have already seen the benefits in homes on the market being sold quicker.


On behalf of your five Board of Directors, please know we are honored to work for you and always welcome your e-mails and phone calls.   


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Open Session Board of Directors Meetings will be held at Premier Community Management located at 21805 S. Ellsworth Rd., Ste. 114, Queen Creek, AZ 85142.

All homeowners are welcome to attend Open Session at 7:00 p.m.


Executive Session (Board Members Only)

held at 5:30 - 7:00 pm

















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Meeting Minutes are posted

on the HOA Info page.


2014 Open Board Meeting Schedule




Refreshments will be served at all Open Board Meetings

* 3/20/14

* 4/17/14








at 6pm


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Landscape Weekly Reports

President's Landscape Update


LANDSCAPE  UPDATE    November 30th, 2013


By Bill Lehman - President


Dear Valued Resident,


On Friday, November 29th, the Board of Directors notified AAA Landscaping that the landscape contract between the Villages at Queen Creek and AAA landscaping would be terminated on December 31, 2013.


By background, in late May 2012, Cindy Lucas, Community Manager sent out a detailed RFP requesting those landscape companies that were interested to submit a bid do so by mid June 2012.  At the time three landscape companies returned the RFP with a request to be allowed to bid for the community.  Cindy Lucas working in conjunction with the Board and Matt Marchese representating AAA Landscaping met and finalized the bid proposal.  On July 25, 2012 The Association entered into a three year contract with AAA Landscaping which included the set monthly fee to be charged to the Association which was determined by AAA Landscaping.


On October 16, 2013, representatives from AAA Landscaping met with the Board of Directors stating that AAA Landscaping was undercharging the association and that the monthly fee would have to be increased.  It must be noted upon further examination that prior to the meeting the Board was not aware that there was an issue relating to the pricing of the landscape contract.  AAA landscaping proposed a completely new pricing structure referred to as Bronze, Silver, and Gold with a dramatic shift in the parcel rotation and the price of the monthly contract.  The Board of Directors was told in this meeting that even though the Villages at Queen Creek and AAA Landscaping had a signed contract through July 24, 2015, it would not be honored by AAA Landscaping.   The Board of Directors found the explanation as completely unacceptable and further would have dramatically increased the monthly landscaping fee by more than 40% over the current signed contract.  This directly would have forced the Board to raise the quarterly assessment due to the increase in the monthly landscape contract, something none of us on the Board were willing to do.


After the meeting with AAA Landscaping, the Board of Directors in conjunction with Premier Community Management went to work in re-bidding the landscape contract.  As I have stated to this community before, the Board will not allow any vendor to fail to adhere to their contractual obligation, especially when dealing with a company who has direct control over how our community looks.  The work put in to selecting the new landscape company literally encompassed hundreds of hours, and I am very pleased with our results, as for the first time in over three years we have a landscaping company who views the working relationship with the residents as a partnership and they, like us have a vested interest in ensuring our community is something we as residents can be proud to live in.  I am very pleased to inform you that DLC Resources will assume our landscape contract effective January 1, 2014.


In closing,  I would like to thank Board members, Larry Murphy, Sharron Owen, and Landscape Chair Debby Wetzel for working with me on interviewing, checking references, and preparing a detailed contract.



HOA Assessment Payment
Mailing Address

The Villages at Queen Creek

C/O Premier Community Management

P.O. Box 60668

Phoenix, AZ 85082-0668

(* Please be sure your account number or address is on your check. This is a bank lockbox. Do not send any correspondence to this address.)


     HOA Correspondence Mailing Address:

     The Villages at Queen Creek

     C/O Premier Community Management

     21805 S. Ellsworth Road, Ste. 114

     Queen Creek, AZ 85142



Dear Value Homeowners,

Premier Community Management has offered a sign up for Email Statements since January 2014. The number of residents who have signed up for E-Statements is very little (27). The Board of Directors had hoped for more participation with E-statements to reduce the Association cost in postage.


We are posting this notice so all homeowners are aware of how to sign up and save the Association valuable dollars. Directions have been attached.


If you previously   signed up for the E-statement and you also received one in the mail please contact Mitzi Carley at 480-458-5070 or email her at


Larry Murphy

Vice President


Please click HERE to read the eStatements